Safe Harbor serves young children with multiple complex issues due to prenatal exposure, trauma and neglect that have been further impacted by experiencing multiple placement moves in foster adoptive care. These experiences alter brain development and can result in delays in one or more area's: social, emotional, cognitive, motor and language. This impact on the brain imprints the children and changes the way their bodies physiologically respond and react to other human beings. It is these changes that put these children at risk for multiple placements moves which further exacerbates the damage that has been done.  Safe Harbor believes through early, intensive intervention with the child and surrounding families with a community of support we can bring placement stabilization, hope, and healing.



Cathy Hamilton
Executive Director

Cathy and her husband Tim are committed to providing whatever it takes to help children from hard places and the families that commit to them. Her passion is to ensure these children have a Safe Harbor to call home. Cathy and Tim have been foster adoptive parents since 2005 adopting two boys and a daughter that all experienced the trauma of multiple placements. Cathy also served as a CASA for 5 years where she saw many of her young clients go through two or more placements. She is a registered nurse with 20 years’ experience and is completing her master's degree in psychology.

James Henly

Works as an IT / HR Manager for Apex Appraisal Service. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science with a minor in system engineering from Sacramento State. James was a key member of The Eternity challenge, helping inmates coming out of places like Folsom Prison, Sacramento County Jail, & Placer county jail get back on their feet and headed in the right direction. He is passionate about Safe Harbor's focus on early intervention with young children in the System to change the trajectory of their lives.

Sharon Behren

Sharon and her husband are the adoptive parents of 5 children and have cared for 60 foster children in their home. Along the way she has learned about the miraculous ability of children to heal by raising Mia, her youngest adoptive child, known in the psychiatric literature as the "wild child". Mia and her families journey have been documented in a book and in an Emmy nominated television report, "Mia's Story", which aired on February 17, 2009, on CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric. Her commitment to children of trauma has led her to want to be a part of Safe Harbor's Board and the agenda of stabilization of placement and healing.

Laura Richardson

Laura has worked in various capacities at Koinonia Family Services since 2006.  With over 12 years of experience in the private non-profit sector, she brings practical administrative skills and a level of knowledge concerning statewide initiatives and regulations related to serving children in California.  Laura serves on Safe Harbor board because is passionate about helping children find permanency. 

Charlotte Fritz
LMFT, TBRI Practitioner

Charlotte is a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adoptive families of children with trauma.  As an adoptive parent of two trauma impacted children she has lived experience that brings a depth of knowledge and empathy to her practice. Charlotte is committed to helping other adoptive families stay intact and to thrive not just survive. She heads SAFE HARBOR’s  Trust-Based Relational Interventions Program (TBRI) and is passionate about equipping families, bringing hope, healing, and fun through our TBRI camps. 

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